Saturday, 28 November 2009

I have been a bad blogger of late so I'm here with a lame attempt to make up for it. My brain isn't in proper functioning mode today though, so you might just end up with some photos. I have been working lots but also having some fun times to make up for the working. It was one my best friends birthdays on Monday, so a bunch of us had the most loveliest of days. We started out with breakfast in Cafe Rouge, where I consumed a dish with enough cheese in it to last me a year and possible cause my cholesterol levels to quadruple. Its a good job I like cheese.
We then ventured out to Derbyshire and ended up in the pretty village of Bakewell (home of the famous tarts and pies. Oh yes) Sadly there was torrential rain for most of the day, but we did manage a wander round, ate cake and drank champagne in the back of the car (classy) and then ended up at the nicest little restaurant for a late lunch, complete with roaring log fire and picturesque view over the valleys.

I'm happy to say my Christmas shopping is going fairly well so far. I'm also hoping I get time to make and/or bake some treats for the famille and friends. There's an awesome looking chestnut chocolate biscuit recipe in todays Guardian. I've made chutney the last two years in a row so Im trying to think up some other things. Jam maybe??

Anyway, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure...mostly of Derbyshire and my friend Sarah's leaving do. She's gone off travelling for 3 months. I'm highly jealous but also very happy cos she's going to have an incredible time. She landed in New Zealand last night and she's spending new year in Sydney!

Me and the Birthday girl

Cake of joy that I did make. Chocolate and Guinness. I had people tell me it was the best cake they had ever eaten. I might have to agree with them

There is more than one way of wearing a party hat. And I wasn't even drunk. Here we have triceratops, bird and unicorn.

Tea with the ladies

Bolly and cake in the car
aaand finally the mad night that was Sarahs leaving do. There was dancing on the bar (not by me this time) and licking of faces. Matt is friendly.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


So the news I had, I can semi reveal, but apparently, I have to keep it on the downlow as well, but lets just say I'm going to Bahrain on Thursday to work. Pretty crazy, only there till Saturday, so its a flying visit but yes, Bahrain, here I come?! Random I know...

So I've finally decided to stop being lazy and post some photos. Nothing particularly exciting, just my current knitting projects and our beautiful cat.

Today has been pretty uneventful. Its been cold, rainy and windy, the sort of weather that makes you want to hide under a blanket and cuddle the cat, which is pretty much what I've been doing. I did manage to venture out to the shops so I could make a nice dinner, but thats about the extent of it.
I leave you with some photos...
My newest edition. This is just after it was done, I haven't managed to get a good photo of it now its healed, but it looks amazing and has healed wonderfully so I'm very happy. Big thankyou to Allan and Amalie!! I will be back for more, have no fear

Possibly the prettiest cat in existance.

First off is a cowl that I've knitted for a friends birthday. I've fallen in love with this wool, its just stupidly expensive, but so lovely to knit with its worth it

This is my latest knitting project, I've called it my pumpkin scarf as thats pretty much the exact colour of it. I love it lots. I also love this laurel and hardy tshirt which I found in a teeny tiny vintage/memorabilia toy shop in Japan. Ah I miss shopping in Japan.

I think it's time for a cup of tea and possibly, no definitely, a biscuit.