Monday, 21 September 2009

say what?

It's been a while. I would list all the exciting things Ive been doing, but the list would be short and not so exciting. I have been thoroughly abusing my rights to free cinema tickets from my wonderful friend and housemate who works as a projectionist at the independent cinema in our little city.
There's also lots of new films out this month that I'm pretty excited about seeing, including -
Away we go
Broken Embraces
Fantastic Mr Fox
Thirst (a new Park Chan Wook about a priest becoming a vampire)

and possibly what I'm looking forward to most is the midnight showing of HELLRAISER as part of the mayhem film festival over halloween. I love horror films, I just need to persuade someone to come with me.

Apart from that, I've been busy organising new shows for the gallery whilst attempting to also plan my own exhibition for sometime in the new year. I have a name, a proposal and the artists (including me) now all I need is to make the work and that'll be that. If only if was that easy!

I'm also happy to have my big bro back from his travels. Sucks for him to be back, but great for me as we get to hang out again. He's hopefully gonna be showing some of his amazing photos in my exhibition and some of his writing as well.

And to top it all off, I'm off to the london convention this weekend to get another piece added to my collection by none other than Uncle Allan. I've never been to the london convention, it's definitely going to be an experience getting tattooed infront of 100s of people. Excited though! Hopefully there will be time to go here at some point-

Ed's diner do possibly the best malted milkshakes in the world. Peanut butter and chocolate malted shake is heaven in a glass. This is normally a must everytime I'm in London. Luckily, that isn't that often or I'd be the size of a house.