Thursday, 18 March 2010

your old buick

This evening I have been listening to Charlie Parr and Ox, knitting, patching my jeans and dreaming of what ifs. It has been a fairly quiet reflective day; packing up my belongings ready for the move in a weeks time - realising I own too many things, leafing through books I forgot I had and musing over photos of a 16 year old me with pink hair and too baggy jeans.

London was a weekend of good times with my big bro. We walked around a lot, I took photos with Henrietta the Holga (which I will hopefully be getting developed soon) we drank good coffee, ate amazing homemade cheesecake, saw his friends band play in Camden, I bought some exquisite new old shoes, and we rode around on bikes and saw chafinch's playing guitars at what was quite possibly one of the weirdest but coolest exhibitions I've ever seen at the Barbican. I do like London.

Spring is here I do believe. I may have to leave behind the winter plaid coat and don something more suitable for the warmer climes. Exciting. Bike rides, picnics and lighter evenings are just around the corner!

Monday, 8 March 2010

hey, guess what...?

See that super awesome cute house down there with the pretty wallpaper and the old fireplace and the big tree in the front garden? Oh yeah, THAT'S MINE NOW!! Yes, me and Laura got the house of dreams! I'm so so excited about moving in, I cannot even begin to tell you. 27th March is moving day and Ma and Pa Fish are going to be coming up to help me move as I am without transport, except my bike. I've bookmarked most of Sweden aka IKEA on my laptop and I've been pouring over house websites such as this - for inspiration and ideas. Expect lots of photos once we've moved in!!

So that exciting news was temporarily blighted last week by an evil stomach bug that caused me much upset and discomfort for the whole week. It was one of those where I thought I was better, so would start to eat normally again and then bam, uber stomach cramps and sick again. No fun. I was living on meager amounts of toast and porridge, but I'm happy to report my appetite has come back and I cooked a proper meal for the first time in over a week today. Go me.

In other exciting news, I'll be down in London town this weekend visiting this chap -

my most awesome brother. Plans include hopefully fixing me up with a new bike, bombing around on said bike, drinking lots of coffee, getting Ed's diner milkshakes, checking out Sam's new band play, seeing some art, second hand book shopping and generally hanging out, as it's been too long and I miss him lots.
From there I'm heading back to Bham for Mothers Day to surprise my Mum and cook them both Sunday lunch and spend some quality time with the rents.
So lots of cool things are happening but I'm still kind of stressed about finances. Moving house always dents the bank balance temporarily what with deposits, first months rent upfront, new shit etc etc but because I'm so good with my money generally even though I earn very little, I'm just a bit scared of being so poor for a while. It'll be worth it though, just need to keep telling myself that and looking at the photos to remind me of the little haven that is waiting for me!

Oh and Spring is definitely in the air, which has pasted a big fat smile on my face the last few days. That and seeing Mic Macs last night. AMAZING. Go and see it if you can, I cant recommend it enough!