Monday, 21 December 2009


Im really bad at this. Like really really super bad. I will only use the excuse that I've been stupidly busy at work over the past month (anyone who works in customer service, bar/cafe etc type work will probably also loathe the Christmas period)

There is also lots and lots of exciting exhibitions happening in the gallery in the new year so theres been lots going on with that too. Meetings, emailing, admin, getting flyers/posters printed, you name it, me and Naomi do it all.
Only two more days of work then 5 days off. I cannot wait to sit on my arse, listen to Sufjan Stevens xmas tunes, drink copious amounts of tea, knit, watch films and hang out with Ma and Pa Fish. My only current concern is that I'm developing a stinker of a cold. I cannot breath through my nose and this does not bode well for Christmas dinner and general festive activities that include eating and drinking. Gutted. Im planning on mulling some cider this year, maybe that will make me er, feel better. yeah?

I'm going to be making Christmas cookies tomorrow and I hope not to sneeze in them. Im thinking of making a mixture of white chocolate and raspberry, dark chocolate and orange and pecan and raisin. It'll be the only handmade gift that people will be recieving this year which is sad but I just haven't had the time to make stuff. I think next year I need to start in the summer..

I leave you with a picture of me and one of my most favourite people. Gnomes is my fellow gallery director, co-worker, best friend, dancing buddy and general amazing friend who I love dearly. And she clearly thinks Im awesome too. That or we were all slightly merry on the booze.

I think Im going to return to watching gremlins and try and summon up the energy to make some tea.