Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oops. I must get better at this whole writing on here thing.

So whats been happening....well it was my birthday a few weeks ago, quarter of a century! My celebrations officially started on the Thursday night, with a night spent in the company of some very special lady fiends round at Kaz's place. Lots of red wine was consumed, good food and then the night turned into an episode of footballers wives, minus the bling, champagne and hideous females, as we all stripped down to our swimwear and jumped in the hot tub. I still find it equal parts hilarious and amazing that Kaz and Mike have a hot tub. I think its more an American thing than a UK thing. But in temparatures nearing the minus, I don't need to be asked twice if I fancy getting in what is essentially a very big bath with bubbles and lights. Er, yes please!
Saturday was my actual birthday, and bright and early (after staying up till 5am after work on Friday night, playing connect 4 (badly) and very unpolitically correct 'Guess Who') I dragged myself after only 4 hours sleep, to have a birthday breakfast at the Warsaw American Diner with Naomi and Jonny. We all opted for the "badass" breakfast, complete with pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, bottomless tea and coffee and orange juice. Oh my was it good! Although I couldnt move afterwards it was well worth it.
Saturday evening was spent in the company of more wonderful friends celebrating with a few drinks and lots of laughs. I didnt take many photos which was a shame as the girls on Thursday presented me with my birthday presents, which included a beautiful new dress which very happily solved my "what the hell am I going to wear tonight" dilemma.

Since then, there seems to be birthday celebrations every weekend. Leanne's the week after mine, Zack's the weekend just gone, and then Mike's this coming weekend. When will it end??
Im rather happy today. The sun has been shining, I walked home earlier from my staff meeting with coffee in hand, Rilo Kiley in my ears and a smile on my face. That's also possibly due to me finally taking the leap and booking an appointment to get one of my sleeves started! So its not till September and I shall be travelling to Norway for it but yes, excited doesn't even come close to it! Hopefully Matt will come with me for some good hang outs and Oslo adventures.

Im also stupidly excited as I'm going to see one of my favourite bands of late, Yeasayer, with Naomi in Birmingham next Tuesday. Mini road trip! I think a call into Selfridges for krispy kremes may also be on the cards.

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