Thursday, 18 March 2010

your old buick

This evening I have been listening to Charlie Parr and Ox, knitting, patching my jeans and dreaming of what ifs. It has been a fairly quiet reflective day; packing up my belongings ready for the move in a weeks time - realising I own too many things, leafing through books I forgot I had and musing over photos of a 16 year old me with pink hair and too baggy jeans.

London was a weekend of good times with my big bro. We walked around a lot, I took photos with Henrietta the Holga (which I will hopefully be getting developed soon) we drank good coffee, ate amazing homemade cheesecake, saw his friends band play in Camden, I bought some exquisite new old shoes, and we rode around on bikes and saw chafinch's playing guitars at what was quite possibly one of the weirdest but coolest exhibitions I've ever seen at the Barbican. I do like London.

Spring is here I do believe. I may have to leave behind the winter plaid coat and don something more suitable for the warmer climes. Exciting. Bike rides, picnics and lighter evenings are just around the corner!


  1. your photography is so good! especially the first one:)

  2. Cant wait to see your Holga pics!

    I have about 7 rolls of film from mine that I cant afford to develop! Bah! x

  3. Id like to say thankyou Dora, but these aren't my photos, as pretty as they are! These are both off will post some of mine once Ive had my latest batch developed! :) x
    And Sam, I feel your pain. I hate how expensive it is, especially as you never know how they're going to come out, but I suppose that is part of the love of the Holga! x