Sunday, 2 August 2009

let's go steady again

One thing I have to thank (I think) my parents for, is my eclectic taste in music. They definitely made me appreciate music from an early age that's probably really helped shape the sort of spectrum of music I listen to now.

Whether Neil Sedaka is classed as being one to thank them for, I'm not sure, but either way, I'm currently rocking out to classics such as Oh Carol, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and Laughter In the Rain. How could you not love him? Just look at that smile! - maybe its just me then.

I had a very nice relaxed Sunday. My original plans sadly went to pot, but I ended up on an Ikea trip with Anna, only realising upon arrival that it closed at 5pm, que a mad half hour dash round the store. I bought some Swedish jam, Krussbolls and a griddle pan. All highly needed items. We then went out for dinner and met up with a couple of other friends for a few quiet drinks.
Now roll on my crazy week of manic shifts and gallery stuff. S'all good.

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