Sunday, 25 October 2009

In times of utter crap, there is Al Burian

none of this furniture
is big enough
for two
what am I supposed to do?
I can upgrade
or I can get rid of you.

This weekend has been shit. I don't normally complain about stuff, but I think its safe to say I had my years worth of utter wank within the space of 24 hours. So today I have just been hiding away, knitting in the company of my lovely friend ( at her place of work and she snuck me in to watch Fantastic Mr Fox (review: not bad, I fell asleep, but thats not necessarily good judgement of the film, just my rubbish nights kip)
I'm attempting to look on the brightside. No one has died, the world is still intact (I think) and I have a cat curled up on the end of my bed.

live fast and die of something shameful your black flag bars are turning blue
what are you gonna do?

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