Wednesday, 7 October 2009

there's a russian agent in the building

So we have a new housemate. She's 5 months old, rather fluffy, likes to lick things and is named after the Russian spy agent, Illya (Kuryakin) from the man from u.n.c.l.e. Yes, we have a kitten. She is all sorts of amazing (and stupid) and I've discovered that kitten sneezes are one of the cutest things. Even if it is directed in your face. Well perhaps more gross, but still cute. I'll post a photo hopefully tomorrow as I need to spread the joy of her little face. She's got a slightly gammy eye which should clear up soon, but in the mean time she looks like she's constantly winking.

I dont know what happened, but today winter decided to decend on us. I'm even thinking about busting out the winter coat which I wasn't expecting to do just yet. I know its very British to moan about the weather but if it would just make up its mind as to what it was doing...!

Tomorrow is my first proper day off in a while, and even then I will be spending the majority of it filling out a job application. These things generally take all day as I'm the worst faffer known to man. I wish the deadline wasn't friday, as I would really like just to chill out, read, and do some knitting. And make some proper dinner. I worked a 50 hour week last week, and this week will probably be something similar. I love my jobs (all 3 of them) but still, I'm running close to empty. Although I did enjoy the wine tasting we had at lunch time today. A sophisticated palate was needed to try the wines we might be getting, so of course, I offered up my services!

Hopefully will get some London photos up here soon as well...the tattoo is healing good, although theres a section which will probably need touching up, alas. Stupid skin.

Tonight I'm off out with my lovely friend Thom for pizza and beer and maybe a film. I have spent far too much time behind the bar and not the right side of it, so I shall be rectifying that tonight hopefully.


  1. yey!
    a new kitten..such a lovely time when they're silly and fluffy!
    you lucky duck x

  2. Hopefully I'll get some photos up soon, to melt the hearts of millions!
    Technically she's not mine, but my housemate/best friend, but she's a shared house kitty whilst we're all living here. But she is amazing..sigh xx